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Fished MacIntosh (in Longmont) on the evening on the 1st for cats. We threw shrimp, crawlers, and some liver. Caught a carp, and then a few bullheads and a medium sized channel. It got slow for awhile and we couldnt figure out why it died off, and then my roomate caught a nice sized channel about 6 or 7 lbs on a shrimp. It gave up a pretty good fight, but it came in after a bit. It must have moved in and scared off all of the smaller fish, its the biggest one ive seen out there yet. Its nice to know there are some decent cats out there. Overall a good trip, caught the biggest cat of the year, but hopefully its not the last....

conditions: muddy.
weather: clear and in the 60s.
water temp: mid 50s, not as warm as i thought it would be
water depth: all fish were caught in about 2 feet of water....very shallow and weedy. for the pics:

A chinese redfish

one bullhead of many...

medium sized channel...

the big you can see the shore was MUDDY....

another of the big cat...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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