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I messed around both lakes this past weekend. I fished Macintosh (in Longmont) from about 9 pm to 11 pm....caught a few small cats on shrimp. apparently you cant fish it too late into the evening, the cops drove by with a spotlight so i went ahead and departed soon after. ive read since then it is closed after 11pm (i should have brought a watch and read the regs a little better, my bad)

i fished Union last night for cats after the fireworks subsided. no hits on liver or crawlers. im convinced that most of the catfish (with the exception of a few that get caught on occasion) reside on the other side of the lake, as ive never hooked one there as of yet. ive seen a few caught, but i thinks its more of an exception than anything else....

Im still waiting for the water level at Barr to drop...ive been itching to catch some bigger cats.
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