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Hey guys I am new here and I live in minnesota. Me and my college buddy are starting to plan a fishing trip over spring break for the next school year. I was wondering what kind of trout fishing oppurtunities there are in colorado around the first and second weeks in march.
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reiny said:
hey thanks alot guys i talked to my buddy last night and he thought the area around aspen and glenwwod springs would be great.
Don't forget the colorado river either in the area, it has the biggest average fish of the 3 rivers below the confluence with the roaring fork. Average below the confluence is a solid 16-18" cuttbow, with many over 20". And with the water being warmer on the colorado than the other two rivers there will probably be some better hatches...there was an excellent march brown hatch this year.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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