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Metal Order

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I've noticed my metal box is in need of restocking. I have several lures in there that I never use or if I do they don't produce. The ones I use all the time and that catch fish are all 1/4oz fished on 4lb or 6lb test. My personal favs are blk/yellow w/gold blade panther martins(#1 on my hit parade) and Kastys: metalic perch, brook trout and gold. Any suggestions on some 1/4oz metal that you like that I might want to add to my order. :smile:
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I like Little Cleos and the el' cheapo Pot-of-Golds in both gold and silver.
Buddy of Mine gave me a "TOPLESS" Little Cleo today !!>:D

I have no idea what a topless little cleo is, but you have my attention :)
Back of Spoon has a stamped image of "Little Cleo"
She is topless.... :eek:
You can find em on E Bay...
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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