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Metal Order

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I've noticed my metal box is in need of restocking. I have several lures in there that I never use or if I do they don't produce. The ones I use all the time and that catch fish are all 1/4oz fished on 4lb or 6lb test. My personal favs are blk/yellow w/gold blade panther martins(#1 on my hit parade) and Kastys: metalic perch, brook trout and gold. Any suggestions on some 1/4oz metal that you like that I might want to add to my order. :smile:
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Red/White & Black/White Daredevils with gold back...
Whatever you do stay away from north Yellowstone from the West Yellowstone entrance to the north entrance along Hw 89. They have the highway all tore up and took us forever stop and go along that stretch. I got so pissed I took an exit on 287 and headed to Hebgen Lake and Quake Lake, beautiful up that way!
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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