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Michigan lake/river

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Hey just wanted to know if there was any info out there on this
water i've heard it's pretty good for trout and was considering fishing it when the weather permits, i like the idea of the high mountains some of the other lakes up there still have ice but i was told the mich is running high any info would be cool.
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if you are talking about the lake in the state forest area just west of cameron pass off rt 14, yep, its open and full. was up there saturday looking around that whole area. joe wright reservoir still has ice on it, but the edges are open. chambers is open, honholz lakes are open. all the streams and rivers are blown out running full and fast.
State Forest is one of those wonderful areas everyone forgest about...the campsites are spacious...and it is almost always has spots open even on the busiest summer weekends...the fish are almost always cooperative...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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