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Made another trip north for the holiday and tried out some new waters (this time in Baraga County). The goal was to hit a remote lake managed for splake and to target some smallmouths in a couple rivers. Unlike my last trip, I was able to find some hungry fish.

Found the lake and even landed my first splake (sorry for the horrible pic), but was not near the size I was hoping for. I was concerned that I would run into people considering it was Friday of a nice holiday weekend, but not a single person! While remote, its not a horrible hike in so it was great to have the place to myself. The only thing that worked for the splake was horizontal jigging a Little Cleo but I think that was because I could get it out and deep better than some of the lighter tackle (it was bright and early afternoon)

On one of the rivers, almost every cast using a F-3 rapala. Also caught a walleye in one of the streams. Not sure if it was a fluke or if there is a population but it was a nice surprise on a relatively small stream. (and a beautiful deep bronze color).

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


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