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Middle fork of S. Platte at Tomahawk

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I love fishing the Middle Fork at Tomahawk SWA.  I want to take my Dad to fish there soon.  Does anyone know if the fishing is good there now?  I discover that the stream flow at Santa Maria is about 85 cubic ft/sec--but I don't know if that means if it is too high for fishing or just right or what.  I can't yet find any fishing reports on the net about the Middle Fork--maybe that is a good thing!  Any help would be appreciated.
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tomahawk is always good
Thanks, that is great to hear. I'll be getting down there soon!
The flow up there right now is probably high, but not unfisheable and can fish better this time of year than most. I know run off has peaked so the river has most likely come down from its peak. There should be some good hatches starting now an should continue for a couple weeks until the water comes down, warms up and the weather remains hot. Try some Caddis imitations. If you don't see to much surface activity I would either nymph or throw steamers at the big bends and cut banks. I have seen some really big fish come out of that stretch as a result of enticing them from under the cut banks with steamers. (10+ pounders) You can also drive behind the store in Hartsel and access the Middle Fork and that stretch can be really good as well. Have Fun!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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