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Vitamin D enriched 100% whole milk...bassin'...
Well I finally got the chance to meet Zman in person, James and myself took him up on an invitation for some fishin' from his boat. Really fun trip and I learned a lot from Z, he does have some unorthodox methods of fishin , like top water marshmellows {guess he was goin' for tm's...}, but what ever's gunna catch the fishes... aright , well I don't have all the pics from the trip but it's been a while since I posted so I'm gunna put up a few and maybe some more 'll get added later.

Ok, so I got this one on, and I could only think of one thing............

.....Fish N' Chips!:D:D:D

I asked Z please, and he said hell no ..."sport fish only in the live well"

Oh man... so back it went...

An other one from the day, ....the look said it all, no green carp in the live well either...

I had to try again, got this one landed... "Come on man my wife's hungery I wanna fry this fish whole!"....;)

Seriously tho , I had a great time, Z is a hell of a guide and even tho no 22X22" fish were landed, the fish in the first pic is a personal best smallie for me. Hopefully we can do it again some time. I still owe you that prime rib dinner! James always good fishin with ya man. I gotta add one more pic of the pb smallie ...and just think of the fish n chips it coulda been..

Tight lines. 8)

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First, Thank you Mark!

I can't imagine a better "guided" trip, and that's what it was. We were shown the lake, learned a ton, generously provided with breakfast burritos (which my family are now hooked on) and Mt. Dew :thumb:. Plus we learned new techniques, and caught a lot! He put us on fish all day.

I will post on this once I catch up (give me a month ;))

Until then though . . .

1st, if I'm milk, I'm at least milk with flavor. Like Nesquik

2nd, I have to say that I caught the first LM of the day (using a tube jig), the first SM of the day, and the 1st Eye of the day...

Plus zman was even surprised at the size of my first Bass :bounce:Saying something like "You don't see too many that size in Jurassic Pond" I think that was a good thing..... :confused: ;)

Anyway, again, I'll post more later.

Jevan, great post (not sure how funny I find the joking about eating Bass.. :eek:) Great fishing with you.

Mark, thank you for an awesome day on the water, and all that you taught us. I had a blast!

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