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Milliken Ponds

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I just fished there it has Lake Trout cat fish, trout, bass and mostly every thing but pike and muskie great place to fish when there is no heat. :p
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Cool. How do you get to these ponds? Do they produce good-sized fish?
Yeh, and Divison of Wildlife stocks it once a while heck, they just know stocked it with more than 2,000 fish (thats including minows). And I dont exactly know how to tell the directions all I know that I can tell you is that its in The town of milliken, but lets say your going on 66 towards windsor , you would turn on the Johns Town exit and take it throught Johns town, then there will be another town and that would be Milliken but you can ask the people at TEXACO (its a gas station) and they can tell you, ps. the gas station is in milliken, and hey GOOD LUCK 8)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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