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I live near Hampden and Wadsworth and work in Golden and drive up Wadsworth every day.

I also like Bills Bait n Tackle on 58th and Washington, but it is a little too far North-East for me.

I found another tackle shop called "Absolute Angler"
[PH: (303) 421-4025] just south west of the corner (kind of sits on a little hill) of Wads and 64th (I think it is 64th) ...

Absolute Angler has shiners (small, medium, and large) they have small minnows {I think they call them mud head minnows}, frozen whole suckers, sucker halves, leeches (when in season), frozen crawdads, worms, crawlers, mealies, and wax worms. They are now my favorite bait shop.
Very good selection of tackle, hardware, and good advise too.

... and no I do not own it ... I just shop there.

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