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Spent another short weekend up at Miramonte - Friday through early Sunday morning. Water temps were hovering around 68 degrees early morning and got up to 71 degrees by late afternoon. The daytime air temps got up to mid 80's and dropped down into the low 40's at night.

The CDOW must have stocked every spare 10/11 inch trout they had into the lake. Almost can walk across to the islands on the backs of the trout there are so many - okay that might be an exaggeration but not by much. Perhaps the fishery folks figured it was going to be a high pressured lake and overstocked it?? Actually this weekend there weren't that many fishing which was a bit strange as there were quite a few campers up at the lake.....easy access with nice access roads to it. Turns out there weren't many fishermen(women) but there was an armada or is that a flotilla of paddle boards on the lake. Easily 30 boards on the water at times. Fishing from my pontoon there was no worry of being run over by the few boats on the lake but I did wonder about using my flyrod to hook a few of the kiddos.

Spent my time trolling the lake dragging a dual fly rig - black and red woolly bugger followed by a prince nymph. Most of the fish were brought in on the prince. If you catch one fish you don't need to catch anymore thinking there will be a difference -they are all just the same (all around 10/11 inches and rainbows). I don't think they have stocked any browns although you can pick one up now and then. Caught my only brown late Friday evening while fishing one of the sunken weed beds.

Saturday morning convinced me that not only did the fishery folks stock a gazillion rainbows but they stocked all the stupid ones they could find. Between 10:30 and 11:30 there was a mayfly hatch that came off at the south end of the lake. Don't ask me what species of mayfly - the critters were too quick to grab one and do the taxonomy. It was quite comical watching the trout leaping out of the water trying to catch the flies. Normally you can tell what the fish are taking by the rise forms. In this case there was no question - they were literally leaping out of the water 6 - 9 inches trying for a quick meal. Nobody told them they were expending more energy trying to catch the flies than they would have gotten in calories by catching and eating one. Still it was interesting to watch the circus.

All in all a pleasant outing but I am thinking with all the cookie cutter stockers in there perhaps I ought to expand my fishing horizons to Groundhog or perhaps Buckeye lake. Perhaps even take the pontoon up to Blue Mesa and fish some of the coves. There has to be more to life than catching and releasing dozens of stocked stupid bobos.

May be the last report for a short while. The new Silverado is going in for surgery tomorrow morning. One of my good friends backed into it in our church parking lot with his Ford 150. No damage to him but a ding in the fender and left rear cost for repair - $3000. Ouch. Glad it is his insurance but feel a bit sorry for him as we are good friends - now if it was a total stranger I would claim whiplash and traumatic head injuries even though I wasn't even in the truck at the time. Anyway, hopefully surgery goes well and the HiHo Silver will be back on the road to some new lakes by the end of next week.
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