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Missouri Lakes w/ Pics

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I just got back from 4 days of backpacking around the Missouri Lakes in the Holy Cross Wilderness. Only one word can sum up my fishing trip...UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Anyway I spent three of the four days fishing and the grand total was 136 fish. ;D 15 the first day, 80 the second and 41 the third. I also might add that I spent 8 hours catching those 80, I would have fished more that day but after 8 hours my arms started to really ache. I caught all of them in the biggest lake except about 13 that I caught in the small lake that feeds the large lake. Every one of these fish were caught on flies with the exception of 1 small one on a panther martin and they were all about 10-16" with the occasional 6-8" fish (caught about 6 of those). All the fish were Brook Trout but 1 which was a cutthroat. I must have just been lucky. ;) Before I get to the pics I just want everyone to know that all fish were released and unharmed.

Biggest fish of the trip about 16"

Same fish just zoomed in. look at the teeth!! I went through at least a dozen flies.

Only Cutty

Another beautiful brookie

Just a great view

And another

All in all an awesome trip!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nice fish sounds like a great trip :D
beautiful fish, good job
WOW! Great Job! That looks like a great place to go and relax and just fish.--Wayne
Nice nice.. Is that an UGLY STICK rod I see.. THATS NICE ..

-Great catch man
Wow, Wish I was in better shape(Maybe if I lost some lbs) Id love to take a trip like that

Great report.

[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
Those Missouri Lakes are great! I had great success in the upper lake as well. Nothing like waking up, cooking some coffee and watching the brookies rise to spinners or PMDs.

Did you go over Fancy Pass to Fancy Lake? That's a nice little hike too.

Pretty fish! Nice job.
I was actually planning on going all the way to Blodgett lake and after spending the first night at the Missouri lakes I just kinda stayed put. I had the lakes to myself for the most part considering I was there Monday through Thursday. Beautiful scenery and tons of fish, I didn't think it could get any better. And yes it is an ugly stick. The only rod I will ever take backpacking. I stepped on it, caught it in a bush on the way up and almost bent it in half. Indestructible :)
flyfish said:
caught it in a bush on the way up and almost bent it in half. 

I hope she wasn't hurt?? :) :) (Sorry, I couldn't help myself)

[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
I hope she wasn't hurt?? :D LOL too good what a great visual
Did ya just do the fly & bubble deal?
Nice report and pictures. Pretty fish!!!
how long a hike into those lakes

Those are some cool looking fish with great colors and some nice scenic pictures. Thanks for the post...
I love the colors of those fish GREAT photos, thanks for sharing.
Good report, and excellent photography too. Appreciate it.

- W. E.
The hike was about 3 miles or so, a little tough at the biginning but well worth it obviously. As far as my setup goes, clear bobber a swivel and about 36" of leader. Fairly basic but it works.
3 miles aint bad hows the drive to the trail head ive been on a few 3 mile hikes that took 4hours driving on dirt to go the last few miles to the trail head
The drive is about 2 hrs from Denver. Also a little slow for the last few miles (wash-board roads)
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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