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Missouri Lakes

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Backpacked into Missouri lakes in the Holy Cross wilderness area last weekend. That place is awesome. I could just sit there and stare at the scenery all day, it is right at timberline at 11500'. We didn't catch any fish in the middle lake but slayed them at the bigger lake up above. between 2 of us we got 28 brookies in the afternoon on Panthers (yellow, green,black). Cooked 2 of them in tinfoil with butter and seasonings in the coals of our fire. Best fish I've had in a while the meat on those brookies are usually pink but these are red! Biggest one went 12" and I was surprised how hard those fish were fighting. Just got a dig. camera will try to post pictures.
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Anyone been to lake Bighorn? I backbacked there about 10 years ago...need help finding it??

From Tom Kelley's Colorado Fishing Guide

I found a Bighorn Lake in North Park but no Lake Bighorn...there is only is the verbiage...look for trail 1126 in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness...Lakes in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness include Lake Katherine (9860 ft; 22 acres) Bighorn Lake (10,000 ft; 17 acres) at the headwaters of Lone Pine Creek, Ute Lake (9750 ft, 6 acres), Twin Lake (9800 ft; 37 acres) on Lake Creek and Peggy Lake and Blue Lake (11,165 ft; 10 acres and 10,000 ft; 6 acres, respectively). These lakes are in high, rugged country, often at or above timberline and are tough to reach. They offer brook and cutthroat, and some mackinaw in the larger, deeper waters.

Sound like the right spot?
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