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Mkay lake

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i know i probably didnt spell that right...but anyways has anyone fished there its off of like 144th and Zuni... i have a couple of time but hardly have any luck..i love fishing especialy for bass... i did catch a couple of little 2inchers which was odd... and i caught one 17 incher which has been my biggest yet...but i know there are some really big ones in there...what lure should i use or is there any technique i should be using???? now just so u know my history i just started fishing again like 2 years ago...i hadnt fished since i was like 14 and i am a girl i dont know awhole lot about lures and stuff...i am good at trout but i want bass ;D
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I live near McKay lake, but I haven't ever fished there -- is it any good? I see that McKay is flies & lures only (p. 49, 2005 Colorado DOW fishing brochure) and that bass are catch and release only. Do you have to be a resident of Westminster and is it also a good sunfish lake?

I like to use Spinnerbaits for bass -- in the basic colors especially black with silver blades. I've also used rubber worms in a Carolina or Texas rig and assorted topwater baits.

Most of my recent bass fishing has been in Minnesota, but I did fish for bass in Colorado when I was a teenager...
you dont have to be a resident... and i have seen people catch pretty big bass in there but they are belly boating... i cant do that...i guess if you fish off the little dam that would be the deapest part to catch the big bass...or in the thick cat tails part...i ave seen pul out very big ones...they said like 22 to 26 inches...??? ::)
The lake in Broomfield right?
i dont know if its broomfield or westminster... it like 144th and zuni it backs these like ginormous houses...its go a little use to be private and a few years back they opened it to the public...
Many years back it was operated by a hunting and fishing club. It is a multi- species lake and yes, there are some large fish in there. Heavy pressure as is the norm for any small lake in the city.
i useto fish mckay back when i lived in down there its another lake that has good muskies in it there isnt alot but there are a couple few
A game warden told me about that lake and did say there were some big largemouth's there but it is artificial flies and lures only...fished there shortly after that but water was really low....too shallow. That was like 2 years ago..
  Work2Fish, nice link in your post! Thanks.  :)
McKay Lake:
South of 144th Ave between Zuni St. and Huron.
80 surface acres and max 14 foot depth.
Run by the city of Westminster.
Belly boats allowed.

Drained in 2002 for dam repairs. Re-filled and re-stocked in 2003. The warm water fingerlings may be coming into their own by now and trout is stocked off and on.

Probably not many lunkers in there yet...but give it another year or two.
If I was to fish this lake, I'd probably use senkos from gary yamamoto. Use the 5", and rig it texas style on a 2/0 gamakatsu EWG hook. Cast it out, let it sink to the bottom, and slowly twitch it back in with pauses now and then. IMO this is the most effective thing for bass.
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