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As many others have stated Chevy vs. Ford, have 1 of each, both work equally well.
Vexilars website is much better than Marcums, there is much more information on trouble shooting etc. and they answer e-mails quick with answers to your questions. I have the Vexilar FL8 SE, and if I was to do it again I would buy the FL18, not only do you get the zoom, but you have the option on the Ice-Ducers, get the 9/19 degree($100.00, if you but it seperately), the 9 degree helps on steep bottoms when you are fishing deep, with a 19 degree you may have a dead zone since the sonar picks up the leading edge(the high side), you may not be able to see your bait if your near the bottom. The Ice-Ducer is better than the arm on the Marcum, much quicker to move.
I used the Marcum at 11-mile, Sat night and should have used the Vexilar do to the fact that I could have put it in the center between my holes and just moved the Ice-Ducer, or maybe use both, but I have not got the interference issue totally figured out yet.
Take Care and Good Luck
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