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My Marcum (LX-3tc) has interference rejection(IR). I also have an old Lowrance Fish Lo-K-Tor and the IR cancels out all the Lowrance signals. The Lowrance doesn't seem to pick up any interference from mine or other units.
My dad has an FL-18 and we have had them out on the lake together before. The features he wishes he had that I have are the zoom that you can move up and down the water column and the automatic battery charging system(you can buy an auto charger from Vex, but it doesn't come with it). I like the way his transducer sits in the water better than the arm on my Marcum. He has the propack and I like his carrying case better than mine. I think Vex does a better job of teaching how to read the dial on the flasher too. Marcum gives you a little manual with one picture showing one instance of what a readout could look like. I learned mostly by trial and error and from my dad telling me what his manual and video taught him.
As far as the data goes, there's not much difference. My dad says my Marcum might have a slight edge in clarity, but if there is, I think it's hard to see.
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