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Muskie Hunters ???

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Just wondered if a few of you could list your 3 favorite  (under $6) lures for high mountain Muskie lakes ? I'd appreciate the imput. I'm going to Sportsman's on Friday and I want to pick up a few Muskie lures. Figured this was the best place to find out some good ones.  8)

I don't know if this matters, but their main source of food must be trout, as that is all that is in this lake.

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Yeah, I'll be trying at Lake Estes (to start). I've actually been out 3 times in the last week trying (w/ no success) for a sucker. I'd rather use a lure, but I'd try bait. The meat on a jig sounds like a good ideal.
I have 8 pound P-line mono on my reel. Should I have something stronger put on my spare spool, or maybe use a leader?
Thanks again for the info.

P.S. $6 is probably kind of cheap (not really for me  :-[). If I catch one, a more expensive lure would be worth it. 8) Also, where I'll be trying is shallow, so I could always wade out for lost lures.
Hey, while I'm out there, I could try to catch one by hand! (JK Ed  ;D)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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