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Muskie Hunters ???

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Just wondered if a few of you could list your 3 favorite  (under $6) lures for high mountain Muskie lakes ? I'd appreciate the imput. I'm going to Sportsman's on Friday and I want to pick up a few Muskie lures. Figured this was the best place to find out some good ones.  8)

I don't know if this matters, but their main source of food must be trout, as that is all that is in this lake.

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Under $6 is hard, well I have had good luck using 3/4-1oz bass jigs with a 5-9" plastic trailer like a twister, sally shad or a curly tail. Rapala original size 13 in rainbow or brown color scheme, or the jointed Rapala partner size 13. Early season is the only time I use normal sized baits. As summer temperatures rise then it is time to break out the 6-10" baits and go deep. Don't be afraid to try different, bright colors. Hope that helps
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