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Just wondering...

Are there any Colorado waters that have plain old muskie, or is it all the hybrid tigers?

I don't know why there wouldn't be, but I haven't ever heard of one being caught here.

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I hear the reasson there isn't is in case the the DOW wants them out, they dont have to worry about them breeding.

probably the same reason they r trying to get rid of pike
I could be wrong about this but I think muskie don't spawn as well as Pike. So the Dow should have put muskie in rather then Pike in all the lakes they wanted to control sucker populations. I love pike fishing so I am glad they didn't.
i think that alot of the pike were introduced by the ever imaginative (know better than everyone else) bucket biologists(gonna probably hear some flack from the west side on that one).
Totally guessing on this one...

I think Muskellunge won't do as well in Colorado climate as the tiger muskie does. Combined with genetics from the northern pike, it is much more suitable to Colorado waters that are much colder.

More guessing...Tigers are created from semen from a muskellenge and crossed with eggs from a northern pike, correct?

The fact it is a (non-breeding) hybrid, makes tiger musky an excellent population checker. One of the misconceptions in regards to muskies is that they control sucker populations in multi-species habitat. In truth they eat whatever they can catch.
I just think it would be great to fish Elevenmile for pike and hook a fifty pound muskie.
They are all hybred tigers. Half Pike and Other half is Muskullunge.
The reason that muskies don't do well; because when they spawn their eggs do not have any adhesive properties so most of the eggs get washed away by the current. The ratio between how many eggs are dropped and how many eggs get fertilized is very, very low. Very few eggs ever make it long enough to hatch young muskies.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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