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Great post Lefty. I took a buddy of mine and his son ice fishing on Sunday. I was going to take them to Bellair and decided to take them to Dowdy instead. We had a 25+ fish day. I let them use the shelter and I fished outside. It was great to see them having so much fun catching fish I didn't care if I caught any. The fishes size ranged from 8 inches to 12 Inches and we were in 17 fow. Caught on assorted micro Jigs tiped with meal worms. We kept the 5 biggest. Most were rainbows and one 5 were browns. His son caught an ugly sucker for which the crows had a good time with. we left when the wind started to pick up around Noon so we left at 1:30. All in all a great day to be alive and sharing the experience of catching with some friends.....up next...lake John for the biggins!!!!
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