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My fishfinder says there are no fish in CherryCreek?

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Hay all,

Went out to CC yesterday to fish and test out my new fishfinder, A HumminBird Matrix 27. I saw lots of clouds of what im guessing are schools of bait fish but didn't see any 'archs'. I also turned it to fish ID mode and saw maybe 3 fish all day. I know I installed it correct cause I followed the manual word for word. It also shows depth ok also making me think I installed it ok. Is it just that time of year and the fish arent schooled up very heavly?

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I have always thought there were no fish in CC. Thanks for confirming!
When out in cherry creek about a month ago I saw only a few arches also.Last wednesdays post showed pictures of nice big wallys caught in the nets,though! Who knows? The creek is brutal-one of you guys needs to figure 'em out and tell us!
I have been trying to figure that place out for years ???

Between the Shad, crappie, stocker trout, Perch and crawfish it is a wonder anyone catchs any walleye's? I think it is a lot like Lonetree in that respect.
The Transitive Property of Fishing

Cherry Creek = Dead Sea = Millelacs Lake in Minnesota
I saw only a few arches also.
Ok, so its not just me. I was thinking my new FF was broken :(

There are plenty of fish (big fish) in Cherry Creek, there is no question about that. It could be that most of the fish were laying right on the bottom, you weren't in the right areas, or your sonar unit isn't working properly. To find out if your sonar is working just drop a jig directly below the transducer. If it's working you should be able to see your jig on the screen, if not you've got problems.
The clouds you describe are definitely shad, it is ridiculous how many are in Cherry Creek. I was hoping for a good hard winter to kill them off but it didn't happen, fishing will be tough once again this year. Why should the fish eat something that looks unusual when they've constantly got shad all around them? The CWA tournament on April 10th should be interesting to say the least. ;D
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