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Well he is breaking the law by being in the water. It is stupidity like this that will get the reservoir close to all fishing.
Having your boots barely in the water to land/release a fish isn't breaking the law. I have friends in CPW that say that's acceptable, or the alternative would be to just throw the trout back in and pray it lives. If you land a big trout and plan to release it, you should probably make sure it gets some oxygen and strength back in it's body before just leaving it...Also, that was the creek leading into the reservoir, not the reservoir itself. You obviously have fished there before, so you know people walk through that creek all the time to get to the other side of the reservoir :S..."stupidity" in your context would better be referenced to the multitude of fishermen that are constantly up there wading in the water, using live bait, or bringing their dogs as company.
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