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Bought my ION last year after multiple years of frustration with my Eskimo Barracuda. Having an auger that starts right up and drills as well as the old Eskimo is great. Looking forward to another year of ice fishing without cursing the dang Barracuda. I see where you can now purchase a 10 inch blade auger attachment - not sure I really need one but it started me to thinking. Same motor, battery, but just a bigger hole. Only reason I can see for stepping up to the 10 inch blade is room for the transducer on my fish finder but it wasn't a problem with the 8 inch hole so don't see the immediate need for upgrading yet.

btw - did I mention I really really really like not fussing with the gas/oil mixture and cold starting POS of the old Eskimo auger.
Dude it's an ESKIMO! Nuff said-
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