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Selling off some of my bait shop. Most unused new still in package!

8 Dynamic HD Trout $40.00 for the lot, will not separate! SOLD!
2- Ghost Perch 2- Gold Natural 2- Glimmer Trout 2- Natural Trout

15 Laser Lures+2 odd add ins $80.00...will not separate!
2-Perch shallow runners 2-Perch Square bill med runner 1-Perch DD
1-Silver Shad shallow runner 2-Silver Shad Square bill med runner 1- Silver Shad DD
1-Sexy Shad Shallow Runner 1-Sexy Shad Square bill med runner
2-Clear Red Black back shallow runner 1- Clear Red Black back Square bill med runner
1-Red Craw Square bill med runner

Oddballs include 1- Mann's Shad double body med runner 1- Rebel Crank-R Clear Perch

One carton of 6... Rapala J-13RT $10.00ea or $50.00 for the carton Great baits for Pike and Lakers!

Must pickup at the house, for these prices will not meet and will ship paid by buyer!!!
More to come!!!

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Still not selling your overstock of RC "Airplane" jigs?! prolly has to cut them out of his tufts!...hopefully he doesnt have to go through airport security!...bwahahahahahaa...
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