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The money came from an oil co. tax.
This is a very over sensational story by the media.
Nobodies gonna make any money by this bounty at GM.
Out of 40 gill nets last year all over the lake 17 pike were caught.
The attention could bring out cheaters that turn Pike in from other locations.

The biggest problem facing GM is gill lice,
thats the reason No fish are being stocked.

The only good thing going on there is the naturally reproducing, self sustaining Lake trout population, it's all thats left. Still no restrictions on the few magnificent large fish there.
Thanks, I saw the report on the news. I was wondering why they are concerned about GM when WF is on the same drainage, up stream. If released from any reservoir NP will inhabit the whole system. Silly people. They are probably in the Colorado from the Yampa already.

I was thinking of going back to GM to catch a few LT and see if I could catch a pike. I haven't been there since the lice issue (which can be transported by waterfowl) became a problem.
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