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N & S Delaney Buttes Lakes

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I fished North Delaney early Sun and caught 2 corpulent 21.5" browns on the east side of the lake from the shore. I used a floating line and black woolly bugger. I then went over to the East lake and caught about 20 12" to 14" rainbows on a bobber and fly out of a float tube. Best flies were #16 green Copper John and #18 red midge. The key seemed to be a long leader under the bobber - 15' in this case. Weather was great with a mild breeze. John
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John said:
As much as I love to catch trout, I'm not much on eating them.  Walleye, that's another story!   John
I'm with you John, like catching them, but give me the white meat for the fryer anyday ;).
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