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N & S Delaney Buttes Lakes

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I fished North Delaney early Sun and caught 2 corpulent 21.5" browns on the east side of the lake from the shore. I used a floating line and black woolly bugger. I then went over to the East lake and caught about 20 12" to 14" rainbows on a bobber and fly out of a float tube. Best flies were #16 green Copper John and #18 red midge. The key seemed to be a long leader under the bobber - 15' in this case. Weather was great with a mild breeze. John
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Careful on Hwy 125 as the cops like to work it with radar.
Also I've seen a few moose and deer on the road at dawn and dusk. Hitting a moose on your way up would ruin your day. It would certainly leave a mark.
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