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I finally got out and did a little fishing with an uncle. We fished near Estes Park and further up the Big T near RMNP. A lot of fish rising but I could only get them to take a nymph dropper (small bead head brassie, copper john and mercury black beauty). Plenty of looks at the dries but no takers - tried a variety from adams, bwo, caddis and stimulators. Nothing of significant size though I managed to catch a yellow perch!? Must have been washed out of the lake.

Up on the north fork we managed a few brookies. All on nymph's. I stuck with dries to long earlier in the day and laziness kept me from tying on a dry up here.

All in all it was a great day with beautiful scenery, weather and company. I hope to have more reports in the near future (new job and new family member permitting).
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