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Need a good 18hp outboard or good Vintage Repair Mechanic

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I'm in need of a good running small outboard around a 18hp or somebody that can repair my mid 50's evinrude outboard at a good price.

If you have a motor at a fair price please PM me or if you know a good repair shop in the Denver area.

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    Hi B4L....I run a 1957 Johnson 10 horse for a kicker I bought off Ebay for cheap, best damn lil motor I couldn't be any happier.My boat is a "65" Glasspar that I stripped and restored so got the old 10 horse to stay vintage and to go with my 75 horse. I also picked up off Ebay the original manual for it for about $10.00, great investment. You might want to check that out, just type in outboard motors and it brings up a broad range of stuff including the manuals!
   Good luck & cya on the water!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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