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I'm currently working on a fish porn video for future fishing presentations. It's centered on fishing in my back yard, The Gunnison of the Black Canyon, over the course of a year. I'm looking for a title. So far here is my list:

Neighborhood Sows
Mature Brooders
Pink Stripe Canyon

Contributions from a lurker 'behind the boathouse':
My Thingamabob
Juju Men
Steep Black Rocks

It needs to be something catchy(no puns intended:thumb:)
These videos are made everywhere on a shoe string of a budget.
From the tropics to igloos, from the Occidental to Oriental.
I want people to stop, watch, and think "Man....I wished that was me!"

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The Blacker the Canyon...

Black to the Future...

Trout Blackula....

Black trout matter....

Living Gunny Green in a Black world

How I put the "P" in "Pleasure Park"

Who's on my rock?

Gummy Bears on the Gunny - Getting High

Rock Hopping the Black Canyon
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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