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Need advice for trip

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Hello, all. We will be in Colorado (live in AZ) from 7/3 to 7/10, staying in Vail, then back to Denver. I've set aside a day or two in the middle of the week for exploring and fly fishing, and would like some recommendations on places to try.

I'm mainly looking for dry fly action, but anything will do. Because my time will be limited (and will have my wife along, which reduces the 'exploring' possibilities), places with relatively easy access would be great. I'm strictly C&R, if that makes a difference.

We would like to head north from Vail, work our way up near Estes Park, then eventually back to Denver.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I saw some people catching little brook trout in Estes park when i was there last year.
Pickings might be slim as far as rivers...other than tailwaters or lakes or ponds. I just got back from Glenwood Springs, and all the rivers like the Colorado and Roaring Fork along that route are high and muddy...

The Blue looked clear...and maybe the Frying those might be options. At Estes the lakes up there should be not sure about Morrain Park or parts of the St Vrain or the Big Thompson up there though...they might be high too.

I live in Vail and fish a ton around here. While in Vail you won't have to go far for great fishing. The rivers are slowly comming down each day, but the clarity is great. It still might be a little difficult wading, but the fish are tight to shore in any holding water they can find. The caddis are just starting to hatch so when you are here it should be great dry fly fishing. I would fish Gore Creek anywhere between Vail Village and West Vail. Either that or go fish the Eagle River between Avon and Wolcott. You can fish it down closer to Eagle as well, but water conditions can change dramatically below Wolcott. There are also some PMD's here and there. If not much is happening on top then try nymphing with some mid sized stones (prince) and caddis emergers etc. If you are so inclinded you should hire a guide from Gorsuch Outfitters in Edwards and have them float you down the Eagle. you can email me directly at [email protected] if you would like to discuss further, but don't think you will have to go far from Vail to bend a rod. If you have plans to go to Estes Park you can have some fun in the National Park on the small streems with basically any type of atractor dry fly and catch fish. Enjoy your trip!
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Fished last night from 5:00 to 9:00 pm on the Eagle. The Caddis are coming off like crazy and the fish are definitely looking up for them. We fished last Thursday and not much surface activity, but last night was different. You should be in good shape for some awesome dry fly fishing when you are here. If the Caddis are slowing down try some PMD's and Green Drakes, but the Caddis just started and should continue for a few weeks. The water is coming down a little bit every day and should be in prime condition while you are here. We landed about 12 fish last night in about an hour and a half, once we figured them out (color, size) Use a dark body Stimulator around size 16 or smaller Caddis imitations. Have fun!
Great information (and great news), thanks a bunch for the replies. I agree, you guys are great.

Rip lip, I'll e-mail you directly, in case you have any other ideas.

Thanks everyone, if you have any other tips please pass them along.
Head north to the Colorado River west of Hot Sulpher Springs or the Williams Fork tail waters.
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