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Need location to go this weekend 2-5

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Any tips on spots to fish this weekend along the front range. Don't care what species just want to get into some fish in the boat.
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Does anyone know if Douglas reservoir has filled with enough water that the boat ramp is open? I think with last years low water and no boats on the lake the pressure was fairly light and may be worth a go this year.

The people I talked to who fished it last year told me the weeds were very thick and snagging was a big problem. But with deeper water a person could troll over the top of them or get out to the center where there may be less weedgrowth.

But I will probably just go to chatfield. My boat is at Great Lakes Marine getting tuned and set for our elevation, so I will be ready to see if it goes faster than than I can run. (believe me that is not fast!)

Thanks James,

Thats a bummer, I hope they fill it.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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