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Need marine carpet adhesive advice....

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I pulled out the 3/4" plywood floor in a 14' aluminum boat that had some rot in it. Found some good 7 ply AC exterior with hardly any voids in the layers that I've cut ready to install. I'm going to coat the top of the plywood with epoxy resin and the bottom with thinned resin so it might be able to breath a little. Carpet is rubber backed marine. Not sure what adhesive to use....after researching can't find a clear cut recommendation when using adhesives when bonding to an epoxy coated surface. I'm considering "TEC Skill Set™ Outdoor Carpet Adhesive" from Lowe's or the original Weldwood contact cement but open to recommendations. I realize the contact cement is instant grip and can deal with that. I'd like the job to last a while so any advice based on your experience on what to use (or what to avoid) would be appreciated. Any advice on the epoxy resin application would be welcomed as well.
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For a little Aluminum boat, skip the epoxy. You'll just be adding weight, expense and labor to the job. If you keep the boat dry while storing, (that's when boats rot) you'll be fine for many years using a good indoor outdoor waterproof glue. Don't trowel it out too thick, but cover the entire top surface. the glue has to be able to evaporate in order to bond. If you do go the epoxy route or fiberglass resin route, you'll need a solvent based glue, not a water based glue.
hobiecat, I may have gone a little overboard with the epoxy resin idea (no pun intended) but I also redid the transom and planned on using some there assuming I seal the through holes well. I only have a gallon total so I may use a third on the transom and then seal the edges on the floor pieces and maybe just seal any knots on the bottom. Going along with your idea seems reasonable. The carpet is rubberized so it doesn't seem too much water would get through anyway. Most glue instructions say 1/8" notch trowel so that's what I'll use and find a roller somewhere and roll it out. Should be good for some years to come. I keep the boat covered when not in use. Thanks for the input.
3M Spray 90

You'll thank me later...
I actually have some 90 here on the shelf. I'll do up a sample.
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