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The right "pitch" for your prop for your boat is gonna depend on where you mostly fish-that is what altitude. I got two props, one for up to about 4-5,000 ft and one for mountain lakes. And really, if I wanted to spend the extra $ I would have a 3rd. for anything over 8,000.

The thing is, you can overtax an outboard with the wrong prop and cause engine damage. What you want is to run 5,000-5,700 at full throttle. If you don't have a tach in your boat, the boat dealer should have a hand help gage that you can hook up to the spark plug wire to see what your RPM's are. I don't mean to make this sound more complicated than it is but its important that you run the right prop. If you fish front range lakes and also go up into the mountains and fish, you really might want to spend the $ and get a second prop. Ed
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