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I actually find this post odd. New to flyfishing but wants to catch 22" fish. I've never catch a 14 incher I didn't love. I have actually fished all of Salmo's list. Easiest place to catch a 22" cutthroat Yellowstone river near Buffalo ford. If you know what you are doing their are some huge fish there. I know you asked for rivers but here is my list....

Spinney Reservoir May Chrinomidge hatch
All the Delanney Lakes Everyday
Hebgen Lake August Callibeatis Hatch
Henry's Lake June Chances of landing a 5 pound brook trout
Herny's Fork around Memorial weekend " Stonefly Hatch"
Madison River Mid June "stonefly Hatch"
South Forst of the Boise last week of June "Stonefly Hatch"

Seems there is a pattern fine a Stonefly Hatch and chase big fish with Big flies....

Good Luck

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