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Hey y'all, I am a flatlander coming out to your mountains later this week to bowhunt for wapiti and i'm itchin' to catch some fat trout on some bugs on wednesday, thursday, and friday before the elk opener. I'm hunting in the eagle/dotsero/gypsum area. Any suggesstions of some wadeable streams/rivers/or high country lakes that might produce some good action for some browns, cutt's, bow's , or brookies? Any suggestions would be very appreciated and I could reciprocate with some good info on any questions y'all might have if you come out to the flatlands for some bird hunts or any kind of game for that matter ;D Thanks! Andy
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You cant go wrong with an elk hair caddis. I like royal stimulators too.
Given the areas you'll be staying, you've got lots of public access on the Eagle in that area. You needn't look any farther than that if you want a good trout stream.
something I do when im gonna flyfish a new area is call a local flyshop see what they are feeding on pick the majority of it up at sportsmans then before I fish take a visit to the tackle shop that gave me they advise and by a thing or two ......mountain fly shops are just way to expensive for me
there are a lot of hoppers around now. i would fish a hopper with a small nymph dropper like copper john, size 18 flashback.
You will be close to the Colorado which can be good or bad depending on clarity. We have had good afternoon showers so it might be off color. Not much happening on the surface so I would nymph with your basic attractor patterns (prince, Pheasant Tail, Copper john) and if using two flies tie on someting smaller off the back (RS2, Midges, or even an unweighted nymph). You should try some streamers if you fish the Colorado as well.

From Dotsero drive up the Colorado River Road (North) and head to Sweatwater Lake. Might be better fished with spinning gear, but try flies as well. Smaller stuff like Parachute Adams or buggers. Nice trout in there and some Kokes as well. Other than that you can fish the Eagle closer to Gypsum or Eagle. The clarity on the Eagle is great, water levels are great, and the fishing should be great as well. Use your basic nymphs on the Eagle as well or Streamers. I'm a big fan of steamers this time of year and give you the opportunity of hooking in to some bigger fish. I would stick to the rivers as lake fishing can be difficult. Good Luck and bag a big Wapiti.

Rip Lip
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I've always found a car battery and a hanger will bring the fish to the surface :eek: :eek: :eek:
Plenty of good stuff up there man, the eagle, the CO, plenty of smaller streams for cutties. Buy a Gazzy(gazzeteer). Best 20 bucks you will ever spend. Essentially you are within 40 miles in any direction of a dozen great destination waters, and probably 50 lesser knowns and lakes. Fish the eagle, great river in late season. And there is lots of public access.
Good Luck
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