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need to find a spot by winter park

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my family is coming out to go skiing this weekend 3/24-25 at winter park. my little sister (10 yrs old) doesn't want to ski both days so i told her that i would take her fishing instead. I'm looking for a place fairly close to there that has easy access and a decent bite. i am unfamiliar with what open water there would be this time of year. anybody got any suggestions?
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i would almost venture to say that the only open water near by is gonna be the colo river,or clear creek. all the lakes will probably still be frozen.
I'm up in that part of the woods alot. There is no open water yet. Frasier river would involve hiking through 4' of snow, not easy access. Closest ice fishing is Granby area.
what if i drove an hour or two?
also what parts of the colorado would be open? i was hoping for a lake but the colorado was in the back of my mind. i was worried that there would be no open water up there.
The rivers should be open, but not the lakes. If you want to drive an hour or two...come back down towards Denver. I don't know how the lakes out west are.
If you want to drive there is the gold metal section of the colorado. At one of the access points there is a kids pond. It might not be frozen as they probably pump water into it. Probably stocked well for the little ones.

Note: Last time I saw this was two years ago so don't hold me to it.
so i'm leaning towards the colorado. does anyone have any advice on what to use? I'll probably bring my fly rod but she will have spinning gear.
Talk to Troutfishingbear, he knows the Colorado pretty well I think.
we've caught a lot of trout in the fly and lure section (between granby and parshal) on small gold panther martins,cast upstream and worked downstream with the current, just let it kind of tic off of the rocks, small daredevils work in the same way,spinners definetely caught more fish. buy quite a few though as you probably will lose a bunch..
Have no idea what it looks like today, but you might be able to make the trip up to the canal that goes behind Shadow Mtn.  Haven't been in many years but we used to pound bumps at Jane all morning and then hit that canal when staying at a buddy's cabin right by there.  When it's running the action used to get pretty crazy but no idea what schedule is like now.  Can't recall exact area, just remember catching a ton of fat ones back when I used to be a trout guy a few lifetimes ago... 
the both of these places are good "bobber bites" the pump canal is a more consistant bite. stop by budget tackle for directions and how to fish these places bernie
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