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Nemire Lures

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I just started to try lure fishing recently. I found this lure by Nemire Lures called "Spoon Buzzer Baby". Have any of you tried these ? If so, are they worth the price and what kind of fish can you catch with it ? The one I got is 1/4 oz but it almost seems too big for the local lakes here in the springs. I imagine you can catch bass with them but not sure for trout.. Your feed back would be appreciated. Thanks
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I checked out their web page at:

I'd say the spoon buzzer model is a bass and redfish bait. Looks good, though. I wouldn't mind having one or two of those myself.
looks like something to try on the shore line at elevenmile pike might just tear those up and in a week or two will be prime time to try them out good luck
I agree those have PIKE written all over them.
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