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Never thought I'd catch a Trout this big

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I have to say, never would think I'd catch a trout this big ever. Biggest one I've really ever gotten was only about 15" so this 22" was quite the big guy for me. Its only been edited for the lure that was in his mouth when the picture was taken. Was definitely a fat guy, had some decent weight to him.

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Thanks Epic :)
Sorry guys, but I didn't want to post the place I got it from. I also edited the lure for the same reason, and at least I did take the courtesy to post it in this section and not the reports from Lake X with lure Q and location XYZ. I just merely wanted to show the picture, and since there wasn't a just show your fish pictures section this was all I could do. Sorry to those who don't like people just posting pics of fish but not telling anything about it but thats all I wanted to do in this situation.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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