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Hey Sndmn11. I was that guy out on the ice with you last weekend up in Golden Gate Canyon Park. the name's Chris.

I've found most of the people on this board very helpful. I've also got a lot of tips from a guy over at Gander Mountain here in Thornton. He fishes a lot at Green Mountain for Lake Trout, but has given me a lot of tips about fishing for stockers, warmwater species too.

Another place I was planning to go is up towards Red Feather Lakes (Dowdy or West Lake), as they seem to be popluar locations when someone who is new asks where to go. I figure maybe the fish might be a little bigger up there as there would be more holdovers from previous years. I was thinking of going tomorrow (Sat), but with this really cold weather and wind, I'm thinking of bagging it. I'm not sure if my email shows up on this site, but if you want to try and meet up sometime or even share a ride, let me know. I had a blast with this ice fishing last weekend too.

Here are some of the changes/additions I've made after reviewing that first trip.
1. Some sort of windbreak would be great. Can't say that I'll be buying one of those fancy sleds anytime soon, but my wife was almost talked into it. Maybe next year. I'm trying to figure out one with some PVC pipe I used to make a street hockey goal and a tarp.
2. A second rod (you need a second rod stamp)-one to jig with, one to let sit, probably with a spring bobber. I got me a really cheap one today with a holder to fit on a bucket. Maybe my catch rate will be double
3. Having that fold-up chair was of great benefit. You can sit on a bucket, but after using the chair, I'll definitely stick with that. I can't believe you stuck it out laying on the ice last weekend.
4. Bring a cheap kids sled to pull everything in. It makes it very easy to bring a few extra supplies/conveniences
5. Mittens were much better than gloves. My fingers froze until I stuck on some heavy mittens.
6. Closeness of holes: I read some of those same posts and it does seem like a lot of people want to be left alone when fishing. I didn't mind you asking (heck, I prefer the company, its more fun when you've got a couple people fishing to see what works), and I would guess most wouldn't mind, but probably expect a few no's. Probably depends upon the person.

Anyway, hope some of this helps and I'm not spouting off too much. It's really fun to get into now, and it seems like most stores have their ice fishing equipment on clearance right now, so I'm stocking up on what I might need for the few months left (the guy at Gander said you could get another month or two at least out of some of the reservoirs like Green Mountain), as well as what I might want to use next year.
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