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New Boat for my son

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After fishing a pretty windy sunday at Pueblo with my sons, Bryan decided he, like Jim, wanted spot lock. So..we had to buy a boat. Like his kayak, he still wanted to be able to slide it in his Tundra, so this is what we found. Perfect! What a beautiful boat.

It's a 1947 Aero Craft. 12 footer. Aero Craft corp was formed in 1946. Now, just a little work and he'll be ready to find an ipilot motor to install. It's going to be one cool boat...Ah, maybe, I'm just a little Dingy. Can't wait to get started.

Original Oars

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That'll be a cool project for you guys Dave!
A True DEATH boat if I'vce ever seen one. And I have seen one--
Yeah, there's four notches in the transom representing the four people that have died in her since 1947...

Yeah Chris, it's going to look good when it's done.
nice boat hobie, and the memories of outfitting it with your son will last 2 lifetimes.
Stripped off all of the decking, transom plates, degreased and wire wheeled all seams and rivets to get rid of silicone and other sealants. Will buck the rivets and then seal all rivets and seams from the inside with gluvix. Started sanding the aluminum that won't get painted. Started with 100 grit to remove 71 years of gouges and scratches...went up to 2500 grit. still need to polish. But before polish, you can now see blue sky and a cloud in the reflection.

100 grit sanding upper right corner. 2000 grit..lower left corner

Polished with Mom's Aluminum polish

Haha...Bryan getting ahead of himself shopping my Grandson Conner into the pic.

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In the first pic of the last post, you can see two rails on each side of the boat. New, in 1947, the boat sold for $195. If you wanted a runabout, you could purchase a console for an additional $10.

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Lookin' good Dave:thumb: Look forward to the progress.
Wow Dave do you do windows and trailer hitch balls? Great job dad! Your sons going to throw rose petals when you walk?
Haha..Yeah Mark. Kind of fun seeing something that old come back to life.
Need some outriggers on that thing. Polished of course-
Does the aluminum need to be sealed to keep the oxidation from returning immediately?

I like the shine.
No, the polish I used protects it. Also, he will strip and wax with an aluminum wax once a year. Or, I might just shoot it with a couple coats of clear.
This was the first boat I ever owned. Told my wife a guy wanted to give me a free boat. He had been using it as a sand box for years. It's a 1958 13 foot Glastron. The year I was born. I had to cut the transom completely off and then replaced it. Replaced all of the stringers. The top half had separated from the bottom half, So, I drilled out and replaced all of the rivets and put the top back on. Found twin 1958 90 horse Mercs ..neither ran, but I made one good motor out of the two. Added a lot of fiberglass, a deck, steering wheel, seats, carpet, paint, windshield, horn, lights and trailer. My wife didn't realize just how "free" that boat really was. It sure was fast. A year later, I sold it and bought a bigger boat for the family.

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That really looks good.

How much of a project was sanding the boat itself? I bought a 80's Lund that I am going to work on during the non-summer season.
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