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New canoe

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Hi Everybody,

I'm Rusty, former lurker and semi-new to fishing in CO. I used to fish for bass (LM & SM) back in NH but left my boat with my dad when I moved out to beautiful Colorado.
I've decided that it's time to get back out on the water and wet my lines again so my wife bought us a little canoe for my birthday! Very exciting but now I'm on the hunt for some local denver ponds that I can get a little after work action on and some weekend spots for a trip with the wife and my 3yo. (and or maybe a buddy and a few beers)

Are most bodies of water a pay to play system out here? I'm finding a few of the ponds/lakes are private waters (hidden lake) or you need a permit (sloans, Berkley). I'm getting a parks pass to hit Chatfield and the like.

Anyhow...maybe one of you fine gents wouldn't mind pointing me to a couple spots near NW Denver (I live in the Highlands neighborhood)that I can put in for a little bit while I'm pouring over google earth to scope out on my own. I promise I'm a good steward of the sport and almost always C&R.
PM's are good.

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