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I thought the first sentence was extremely interesting:

"Meeting in Lamar on Thursday, the commission ratified a compromise with the Colorado Walleye Association that protects small walleye in more than a dozen eastern Colorado waters. "

Here appears to be an example showing that it might be possible to form a group identity that the DOW would listen to and cooperate with. I don't know how big the CWA is, but they apparently succeeded in getting the DOW's ear, and got the DOW to work cooperatively with them. That word, "compromise" really caught my eye, and gives some hope for future interactions.

I would like to see us cultivate some kind of positive contact with the DOW just in case we come up with some issue that we want to "work" with them on. Of course I have no idea what that might be... ;D
W. E.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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