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I've been fly fishing since I was about 8, but only in the past year have I started to target trout. I never thought fly fishing was too complicated when I was only targeting warmwater species -- bass, crappie, perch, bluegill, and most of the saltwater fish I caught didn't seem too concerned about tippets, balanced leaders, etc. However, I can't stress enough how much better the whole experience is when the equipment is properly matched, like hellfish said.

After flysfishing for trout a TON this season (made about 40 outings so far) and spending some time with people who have done it since the beginning of time I've noticed that flyfishing is much more complicated than I first thought. Casting seems to be only about 30% of the battle (and that's the only part I do well unfortunately). I went to a used book store and got some book on the basics of Flyfishing (by Orvis). It's a bit old, but I'm told that nail knots and loop to loop connections haven't changed much in the past 7 years, so it's still a very useful resource.

I have found that the fish in Boulder creek (up in the canyon) don't seem to be too particular and as such it's a nice place to practice and have a postivie experience.
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