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Welcome to the site, glad you have joined us.

This is the site to be at if you're a Colorado angler. There's a diverse crowd of anglers here which is a good thing. Fly fishermen, bait fishermen, bait dunkers, bass fishermen, trout only fellas, wiper gurus, walleye chasing soldiers, pan fishermen, any-type o' fish fishermen, rookie-type-fishermen, experienced fishermen, crazy-fish-too-much-&-need-help-fishermen (I'm one of these), fish huggin fishermen, I-hug-fish-moderately-fishermen, catfish kings, catch-&-release-only fishermen, catch & eat fishermen, ice fishermen, lunch-break fishermen, fisherwomen, I'm-retired-I'll-fish-til-the-end-fishermen, young, old, middle-aged etc..... The list goes on..

All that matters is we're all fishermen! This is a good place on the internet to see up to date reports, discuss techniques, locations and even catch a new sub-fever within the fever itself. This site has even helped some anglers add variety to what's on the end of their lines.

Personally, I think the best part of it is you're not talking to 'professional TV screen tourney champions', but You're talking to some real down to earth local anglers who all have their own styles and techniques like yourself. Once again, welcome to the site!!
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