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I just used a new 6" Cabelas Velocity hand auger.  It has an offset handle.  It is manufactured by NilsMaster.  We were very impressed.  If you had only a couple holes to drill it is probably faster than to get going the gas auger.  By the 3rd hole I was feeling the burn, but then again I'm an "old" guy.  The gas auger will continue to be my primary drill but we will bring the hand auger as well.  My take on the subject of gas vs hand is if you drill lots of holes one right after the other, you'll appreciate the gas.  I typically drill 8 to 10 holes every time I move - and I move a lot.  On a place like Dowdy we don't need to move much so I think the device of choice will be the hand auger.  Any time you need a hole now and then, or are sharing drilling devices (gas + hand) among a group, by all means use the hand auger.   John
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