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Flyrods $$$$$$$ Vs. $

I'm not sure if it would be of interest to you, but the last three 5 wt. rods I purchased have all been TFO's. I have a Scott, my favorite, a Sage and a R.L. Winston all quality products. I must say that the majority of my fly fishing is on the three South Park reservoirs not the brush and willow covered banks on most of our rivers.
That being said, I really don't feel there is a 10% difference in handling, feel, fighting ability, and overall quality from the "High End" rods. The TFO's, when on sale, are under $100 and carry a lifetime warranty with a maximum $30 replace or repair cost.
I have a hard time justifying the more expensive rods when these do a great job at an 85% discount. Which ever rod you choose to fish with, please think about a rod float for your investment, especially if your fishing two rods on the SP Lakes, if you don't have a float, (About $3 or $1 homemade) you will one day lose an outfit to a fish, I'm sure all of you know someone who has done this!!
Just another way to look at it?
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