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I have two TFO's. An 8 wt Lefty proII and a 5wt left pro. I love both rods and used to fish with the 5 wt 98% of the time. I use the 8 wt for big streamers, pike bass etc. I have broken the 5 wt 5 times (about once a year) usually after trying to chuck to heavy of a streamer and smacking the rod a few times (will i ever learn). It runs $25 and the turn around is a week to a week and a half.

Two springs ago I bought a orvis superfine glass 3wt... I now find a reason to fish it about 50% of the time. It has a whole different feel. You slow down, go light and throw nice loops. This past summer i used it for fishing the poudre and some of the little gravel pit ponds near it. Often in the same day. My best days of fishing this year was throwing micro streamers in the ponds during runoff. Landed several big for here sunfish and bass as they were waking up this spring on simple little streamers. As well as a catfish.... A size 12 north platte special fishes great with it as you fish back down stream in the dark. You can feel it load.

My most recent rod purchase is a tenkara rod. The teton. I took it out for the 3 or fourth time tonight. Finally got some bites. Landed a nice 12 inch brown and had a LDR on what I think was a fat rainbow. it ran, i tried to give it line..... Then i remembered there is none! SMH... But it definitely has alot of flex and reach for playing fish.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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