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Maybe I'm not understanding your question but reads to me your casting for a reason to buy a 4wt?
4wt advantage...More forgiveness in not pulling hook from LARGE fish when using 6x.

No other noticeable advantage in my book. I fish a 4wt 49% of the time

4wt disadvantage...Any breeze can make you wished you had stayed at home

No other disadvantages in my book. I fish a 5 wt 49% of the time.

2% of the time I'm fishing a rod for specific class of fish...Large wiper, tiny brookies, etc...

Unless the glass rod's actions are comparable to med-fast and fast actions of carbons, I will never own one. I absolutely DISLIKE slow rods. I see nothing but disadvantage with a slow action rod. Plus in Colorado, its least twice a day. Claim is they are easier for beginners. LOL, but that's a different topic.

Brand rod? Any of the known rod manufactures makes good rods and you don't need "flagships"...Unless only the most expensive rods catch fish for you; in which case, I feel sorry for you.
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